Financial markets were quite rough in the last 15 years and it becomes more and more difficult to achieve a sustainable performance. In such an environment, it is important that you have some specialists who look only after your interests. At Brütsch Wealth Management, we listen to our esteemed client and we develop a strategy together considering your financial needs. This service we offer as:


We build a strategy together, but you delegate the choice and decisions to the Portfolio Management of Brütsch Wealth Management. We monitor the investments closely and review the portfolio on a regular basis. The portfolio is constructed by choosing direct investments, cost-efficient passive investments like ETFs, structured products. We control the portfolio and manage it the way it is in your interest. As Brütsch Wealth Management takes the responsibility, we also believe in win-win-situation with a performance fee.

We set a strategy together, talk and review the portfolio on a regular basis and only take orders from you. This is a portfolio where you need to be interested in the financial markets. You follow the financial markets and take active decisions on a regular basis. You need to be reachable in order to do this strategy.


In a low-yield or even negative-interest world, we think it is also interesting to diversify into Real Estate. We give you advice by selecting the property of choice as well as Brütsch Wealth Management can do the whole administration, e.g. collecting the rent, for you.

Through our wide network, we actively search real estate opportunities in our home market. Even more interesting is Real Estate Development!


Besides the classic loans and mortgage business done by banks and insurance companies, we hear on a regular basis from our network that some look for safe investment opportunities with guaranteed interest. On the other hand, others look for finance. We at Brütsch Wealth Management, we try to match.

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